Every foreign trader will receive a lot of enquiries, but there are many false enquiries, which not only wastes your time but may also cause loss of profits. It is believed that the following five types of enquiries will help you a lot.

1, do not distinguish between red and white, no choice, directly ask you the price of a product category. Take an example of my industry, such as: What is the price of your remote control aircraft? What is the price of your doll? (Remote aircraft has many styles, dolls also have a lot of styles, how to quote such a question, a real demand buyer, will not ask such a low level of enquiry, so, kill.)

2, when you ask him the amount of reservations, give you an astronomical number without thinking. Take an example of my industry, such as: I asked: "This way, this high-end product is very different according to the price of the order. You tell me the booking amount, I will give you a good price." He returned: "100,000 or more "What is the price?" (This is a high-end product. The booking quantity of one or two thousand is already a big customer. After a while, there is such an astronomical number, obviously it is to set the price, or there is a retailer to understand the reserve price. Can bargain with local wholesalers. This kind of exaggeration, but no depth, lore.)

3. Some middlemen who don’t even know what their guests want. Take an example of my industry, such as: He said: "I have a foreign guest who wants a batch of toy dogs. Can you quote?" I am back: "The toy dog ​​has many functions, and there are high-end mid-range low-end, you need What is the function, or what price?" He said: "Whatever the function, you will send it to me in three grades, and my guests have not explained it." (A customer who wants to buy is strong, will not Sending such a low-level inquiry, a middleman, when encountering such a low-level inquiry, you should first ask the customer what to ask for, and then look for the supply from the actual situation. After two or three layers of film, you still have to waste big Take time to make a lot of quotes for him?)

4. Formatted inquiry. Take an example of my industry, such as: "Send a fax letter or trade message or receive mail, the format is as follows: Hello, our company purchases toys all the year round, please send pictures and quotations of all toy products to our mail (this At first glance, I don’t know how many peers I’ve sent, I’m trying to collect product information, maybe it’s a newly established trading company, or a boring behavior that privately prepares to enter the industry.

5, small orders, send peer information and quotes to you, want you to quote. Take an example of my industry, such as: He said: "Hello, XXX model remote control aircraft, I want three boxes, 100 yuan in the XX company, can you give me a low?" (1. If there is no professional ethics inquiry, it is not always possible to take the order for 2.3 yuan. He may take the price here and then retrieve the original company, saying that another company can give this price. You can Give it. In this way, the list is still in the company that has worked with him, and you are just a tool for his price comparison. 2. Even if you report a low of 2.3 yuan, you receive the order, but the profit is too low, this Such a customer with no professional ethics has no potential, and next time he will deal with you in the same way. Instead of dealing with such small and unethical customers, it is better to send more time to develop better customers. So, I Also kill.) There should be a lot of things I have not encountered, I hope that experienced friends come up and share it with everyone. Don't blame your own experience.