Tigers flew over the old age of the rabbit to celebrate the spring! On the occasion of the Spring Festival, all the employees of Youyou lovers apparel brand wish the national franchisees and new clients who are about to join in the new year: the Year of the Rabbit Universiade! Come on! In 2011, we will, as always, create a good lovers brand for you! Youyou couple brand chairman wish you all the best in the Year of the Rabbit Youyou Clothing Co., Ltd of Dongguan City, formerly known as "You U quality Clothing Co., Ltd in Guangzhou," was founded in 1998, is a collection of independent design, production and sales as one Modern apparel business. In line with the company's steady and rapid development, in 2006 the company moved from Guangzhou Humen clothing city. The company has a good office environment, affiliated factories over 60,000 square meters, more than 2,000 employees, have a first-class production capacity. The company's registered "Friends of Friends" brand was officially launched in 2003, the brand with a unique design style and a strong emotional appeal theme to couple as the consumer object, advocate love culture, guide the fashion consumer, for the modern enthusiastic couple carefully crafted consumption China's first couple brand. Development history: 1998, Ms. Ting founded Guangzhou Youyou Quality Garments Co., Ltd .; Established "Youyou Lovers" brand in 2003; 2005 UBIQUITY "Youyou Lovers" won the honor of China Top Brand; 2006 UBIQUITY "Youyou Lovers" won Chinese brand-name products honor, the same year at the end of the year well-known garment companies in the city Humen set up marketing center, launched the "excellent couple" brand Monopoly; 2007 company changed its name to: "Friends of Dongguan City, Friends of Clothing Co., Ltd" to re-integrate leisure Base resources, adjust the brand positioning, seeking to achieve the expansion of industrial scale and heavily hired well-known French designer Cyriue De Labriolle clothing as a "Youyou couple" brand design director in 2008 the company introduced a new investment company, the establishment of the French You You International Group Co., Ltd .. 2009 Youyou couple "happy boys" Wei Chen and "football baby" Liu Yuqi as its brand image spokesman, brand awareness heating up again, "Youyou couple" has become well-known China's first couple brand. Chengdu and Guangdong set up branch offices directly under the management of sales performance by leaps and bounds, and successfully create a monopoly career in the new area. : Website:

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