Established in 1993, Hong Kong Garment Fashion (International) Holdings Limited is an outstanding conglomerate of investment management services in the fashion industry in Hong Kong and the Asia Pacific region. The company is principally engaged in the investment management of apparel and fashion brands , the global trade of textiles, the agency of international apparel brands and the investment collections of artwork.

卡汶 - KAVON

In 2003, the Group launched the Hong Kong Nice design full of arts and humanities ideal Kawen KAVON fashion brand, by the wholly owned subsidiary of the Shenzhen City Jia Wen Garments Co., Ltd. has overall responsibility for China and overseas business development, operations and management. For a long time, Jarwin Enterprises has been building long-term customers 'trust and loyalty to the enterprise by providing the highest quality products and services to meet or exceed customers' expectations in the field of fashion business. On the basis of fairness and honesty, we establish long-term, mature and stable relationship with customers and suppliers, adhering to the corporate philosophy of "Humanism, Integrity, Innovation and Responsibility", and thus become a company that owns and possesses skilled operation High-end brand capacity of sustainable development leader.

KAVON KAVON: a brand full of fashion design art and humanistic ideal brand. Into the 21st century, a rapidly changing world has spawned global fashion change and progress.

In 2003, with the name of the beautiful actress in a favorite movie, Mary Ho founded the Kavon brand of Kavuen, the beautiful self-confidence and positive optimism of her heroine and her life attitude. Mary Ho Ho ) Heart of Kavon Kavon brand looking forward to a beautiful growth and the pursuit of the perfect image of women, thus carrying a as a founder Mary Ho ideals, expectations and the meaning of life, the brand began to feel confident to start from the Kavon brand At the beginning of the establishment, Mary Ho had set a good ideal dimension and long-term development goal for the brand, which not only provided the perfect international fashion art enjoyment to the women in the era of globalization, Art, taste and value bring more humane care for women and create a brand new clothing culture for modern women.

Doubtlessly, from the very beginning of its creation and subsequent painstaking efforts to create the brand Kavon, it is clear that the more distant and meticulous brand origins, historical contexts, design tracks and aesthetic realizations can clearly be found out, namely, the designer Mary Ho ) The innermost respect and action to follow for the perfect female image of the heroine in the movie.

Full of fashion design art and humane ideals Care is the most prominent brand of Caven KAVON brand, favorite coffee and wine designer Ho Ho Jun (Mary Ho) like artists like to think good at using architecture, sculpture, music, dance, painting, decoration, etc. The languages ​​of various art and design fields, together with the fashion collections, weave the grand palace of fashion, and are often inspired and inspired by literature, poetry, philosophy, religion, mythology and history, making Kavon Kavon always reveal A profound humane ideal of care and a positive attitude to life.

Mary Ho realized that the fashion is not only the tailoring and color application of the fabrics, but is itself an eternal theme of human life. From the "pursuit of style" of the fashion sublimation is more spiritual pursuit of humanistic concern Express all the designer's emotions and even pin all the life, the observation of things and understanding of the world. "The real design comes from respecting the customers and adapting to the changing world. My design is always positive and confident, clean and perfect, free and unrestrained, and this is my understanding of fashion." Mary Ho loves Use your own vision to determine the choice of fashion, for this purpose, continue to inject new passion for products and vitality. Therefore, full of visual aesthetic pleasure, contains the design of artistic, thematic and ideological Caven KAVON can always satisfy people's desire and fantasy of fashion.

In the modeling and design of costumes, Kavon realized that "the real idea stems from the general spiritual needs of the women and the target groups in the times and is well illustrated by the superb tailoring skills" KAVON argues that "fashion should have a thorough understanding of the beauty of women, reflect the desire of women, and loosen the yoke of desire and thought." Fashion is, first and foremost, free, not limited to the constraints of body shape, but amalgamating and recognizing the female body and the body Female charm. "

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