Shengqi Road brand women's design innovation as a special DNA, to create a unique brand advantage. By setting up studios in London and Hong Kong, the brand always keeps up with the popular trends in Milan, Paris and London, cooperating with local big-name designers and making use of the relevant superior resources to make the fashion sense of Sanqi Road Company always located at The source of international fashion, a step ahead of the domestic.

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The "holy flag" people always regard the service for consumers as a principle, providing economical and high-quality products as a guide. In the tide of market economy, by virtue of honesty, credit has won the love of consumers and society highly praised, we will forge ahead in unity, innovation, and strive to create a better future!

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A: The principle of cooperation: confidence in the development of the brand, willing to make long-term investment, cooperation in line with identity, accept the concept to understand and grasp the business model taken by the brand.
B: Cooperative candidates: legal citizens or companies in China who can participate in the operation and management of their own people. Must choose to hold a franchising area of ​​a valid business license, the regional agency must join the company name.
C: Cooperation: Funding Requirements: The target investment amount is determined according to the city level item. The general working capital is RMB80,000-200,000.
Store requirements: stores located in the application to join a city mall or downtown shopping district.
D: The ideal cooperation area: economically developed and have strong spending power of cities above the county level.
E: Co-operating venues: a. Preferred city of one or two types of mall edge hall location, easy to display the image, the actual store area of ​​not less than 30 square meters stores; b. Store location in downtown downtown section or high school female fashion more Focus on the street independent facade, an area of ​​not less than 40 square meters, the door width of not less than 3 meters. C. Franchisee franchisee must have access to the franchise period.

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