The next corner, what kind of beautiful encounter? Spring-like romance, sweets and sweet colors, forest-like light and natural ...... DANTISY Dan Ti Shi for you to give every beauty and freshness. Die Lake the true age of the line. Dressed in DANTISY Dan Ti Shi sunshine girl is a changing family, the pursuit of changeable style, they like to be concerned about, like fantasy, like to do the princess's feeling; they brave, try to try any new style, emitting a youthful fashion flavor ... ... DANTISY Dan Ti Shi 2013 spring and summer playful letter printing, amazing, fun youth!

丹缇施 - Dantisy

Want to get rid of the obedient woman's label, then printed in English pants to rescue, fashion print with vintage mustard yellow, giving a cynicistic uninhibited feeling, plus to the color metal badges, this is not exactly your favorite fashion look .

DANTISY 春夏俏皮字母印花   玩味青春时尚

Black and yellow colors are enough to hit the eye, the distinctive two-color pants to create a double sexy, then embellished with English letters is a personal rich artistic style and the ultimate sense of fashion, with black lace T-shirt, playful youth.

This Rabbit skin  is high quality and Fashion products.

 Rex Rabbit fur pattern: available in many patterns and colors, you pick up .
* Soft popular and Classic.
* This fresh pattern and high quality material is perfect for Garments ,Blanket.

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