Looking back on 2012, Mummy Star brand both in terms of size or market share on a big step. "Ju-man" knows, Mummy's star children's wear development and the consumer's favorite and the help of many partners is closely related to the company from top to bottom are passed "Thanksgiving" culture, while developing a good company, not Forget the timely return to the community, care and funding for people in need. In the past year 2012, the company actively promoted charity activities. Recently, China Brand Children's Wear Network launched the second annual network selection activity of "Top Ten Charity Children's Enterprises" with the theme of "Charity in My Heart and Public Love in the First Place" in 2012. Mummy Star children's clothing brand successfully made in 2012 the "top ten charity Tong Qi" reputation. Related introduction: http://news.61ef.cn/2013/0304/114134.shtml

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New Production Technology Series

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