The arrival of luxury children's wear era? Another year is when the “1 June” is approaching. Many parents choose to purchase some brand-name new clothes for their beloved children. Parents who walk into shopping malls may find that, unlike in previous years, more and more luxury brands have already Into their vision. Some parents believe that once children's clothing brand names such as Babbean, Mickey, and Balabara are no longer eligible for high-end children's wear, Burberry, Fendi, D&G and other big names have single-digit prices of more than 4 digits.

In Hangzhou, from the Hangzhou Tower, Intime Department Store, Vientiane City and other Hangzhou high-end shopping malls development trends, the proportion of luxury children's clothing is indeed growing, counting Burberry, Armani Junior, D & G, Dior, FERRE, has set up shop before Diesel, Kenzo, Mikihouse and other brands will introduce hogan shoes and Gucci's Lakeside Famous Street flagship store in recent days. There are about 20 brands in total. At the same time, the sales of Bab Bean, which has been dominating the Hangzhou children's wear market, have gradually declined. According to Hangzhou Tower Children's Shopping Mall, from January to March this year, Armani increased by 34% year-on-year, Mikihouse increased by 47%, and Burberry increased by 144%, while the original running brand declined at a rate of 10%.

Indeed, the potential of the children's wear market is immense, everyone wants a share, and the entry of luxury brands into the children's wear market has long been nothing new. Many brands or designers, such as Christian Dior, Burberry, Ralph Lauren, Marc Jacobs, have been designing and producing mini-fashion for many years. Gucci and DKNY have also released their children's wear collections in recent years. In recent years, with the development of the world economy, the prospects of the children's clothing market are very impressive. Compared to adult clothing, children's wear is updated faster and has a greater demand.

The number of children's wear brands is still far lower than that of adult clothing brands, but there is a lot of room for development. Who are these core customers of luxury children's wear? According to reports, the mall is currently focusing on customers of several ages. Children before the age of 22, marriageable ages of 22 to 28, and marriage and childbearing after the age of 28, these stages of life will subtly change the department stores. The brand structure, while the children of China's third childbearing peak will become the new “core customer group”, that is, the “rich second generation” among children born in 1985-1991, and their children will naturally become “rich”. Three generations." Therefore, the tendency of parents willing to buy fashionable brands for their children is on the rise. People who are accustomed to purchasing luxury goods will naturally buy them. In addition, these brands often use green materials to make them healthier and more comfortable. More willing to buy for children.

In contrast, local brands face the mighty foreign luxury brands without too many concerns. China’s consumer market is very spacious and full of layers. Local brands like to pay more attention to the brand’s fashion and characteristics can also create a sense of quality. Famous products, top grade children's clothing.

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