I heard the third floor of the White House Building in late 2010, ushered in the first year of the first positioning lovers and parent-brand installed brand business - Tom Lily, also heard anecdotes Tom Lily brand head Tu Zhengyin is a passionate CEO, the brand Building has the passion of exotic people. After some brief talk, I can not help but lament the rise of China's clothing brand in the long road, there is a need to emerge more like Tu Zhengyin do not go unusual, long-term, focused, passionate, hard to confuse the national brands Family. Michael Porter, a management guru known as the "Father of Competitive Strategies," once said: "The best battlegrounds are those niche segments where competitors are not yet fully prepared, unaccustomed, and less competitive." In 2009, From full swing in the fun lingerie market, "insecurity" fought in the country is still "virgin land" lovers, parent-child loading market, Tu Zhengyin spotted the clothing market gap, with a firm brand dream, bravely embarked on New Development of "Tom Lily" Brand Construction. Tu general introduction, in fact, Tom Lily as early as 2005 to apply for trademark registration, dormant for four years before finally completed the formal examination and approval process, officially and legally for their own. As a result, the brand only in the last two years brave enough to promote it. So cautious protection of intellectual property rights, but also see that he seriously conscientious brand. Optimistic lovers installed, parent-child loading market, because of its unique market entry point and a broad market space, couples, parents and children can not only through the clothing to connect emotions, given the life of clothing, and men's, women's and children's clothing market Can catch a net, lay a good foundation for the rich product line in the future, can be described as "a small niche market." Tu Zheng Yin from the very beginning muscular, determined to lead the lovers, parent-child brand. To this end he opened up called the most favorable conditions for joining: Free initial fee, zero deposit, foreign franchisees cash reimbursement of 12%, the first purchase is not set the number of set, open free bag, album, VIP , Advertising posters, joined the plaque, POP hanging flags, clothes racks, cartoon image gifts, season 100% exchange other styles, and even franchisees to develop a complete set of promotional programs. Tu Zhengyin surely knows how much business risk it needs to bear behind the heartbreaking conditions, but he understands that the new branding needs leveraging to speed up the regional distribution of brand names and expand the profile of the brand. At this stage, it is more important than the profitability to attract More insight to join the Tom Lily brand promotion team. Tu Zhengyin travel around the world, the globalization of innovation perspective into the brand promotion of Tom Lily. In fact, Tom Lily online reputation and exposure is not small, thanks to James Tao positive online marketing awareness and innovative e-commerce development model. Search engine optimization rankings, is a common promotion of online marketing, but also recognized as very "burn money" part of most SMEs not only want to use but not to use, "Tom Lily" can do in Baidu, Google, Yahoo, Sogou And other well-known search sites are among the best, Web site traffic triggers, Baidu snapshots, keyword search and other skills, Tu has long been well versed in painting. In 2007, Tom Lily has opened its own flagship pat shop, and now has been crowned crown. With the company's eight years of Alibaba integrity operation, but also to promote Tom Lily lovers installed parent-child brand lay the foundation, to 2009 has been the successful development of more than a thousand network agents. In 2010, Tu canceled a total of declining hundreds of network sales price is not uniform shop, although the sales are affected, but enhance the brand image, to ensure that the online and physical franchisees price unity, to ensure the interests of physical franchisees! Tu total even with the young audience to mingle with the development of the Tom Lily couple QQ cartoon expression, much sought after by fashion clan, in the e-commerce on the road widening. In addition, Tu Zhengyin also made full use of the power of the media to integrate media resources such as vertical websites, newspapers, magazines, television and outdoor light boxes in the industry. By combining soft news and hard news with news reports, Tu Zhengyin skillfully increased the display channels of brands and individuals, Branding can be described everywhere.

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