Summer is here, cleaning, maintaining and storing winter items is an important task for the housewives this month. The brand home textile Baojiao home textiles provides everyone with knowledge of carpet cleaning and maintenance.
Everyone will definitely think that cleaning is equal to maintenance. Here is a clarification for everyone. Cleaning can't be equal to maintenance. Why? Please listen to Baoji Home Textiles Aide Consultant for your decomposition.
For carpets, there is a difference between maintenance and cleaning. Most people go to clean the carpet when it has a lot of dust. It is often difficult to remove the dust at this time. Why? Because about 70% of the dust on the carpet is less than 3 microns, so when we can see that there is dust on the carpet, it means that there is a lot of dust, and the fiber structure will never be as clean as the new carpet. .
Carpet cleaning is a must. It is the most important job of maintenance, how to do effective cleaning, not let us have any stains on the carpet? Come, the top ten brands of home textiles Baoji Home Textiles will provide you with three magic weapons!
Vacuum regularly
Carpets must be vacuumed every day, and if they are gathering at home, they should be sucked many times a day. This reduces the number of times the carpet is cleaned and the carpet structure is reduced to a minimum.
Remove stains from carpets in time
Ink, beverages, etc. are accidentally spilled on the carpet and cleaned in time to avoid the spread of stains. In addition, the stain etch time is too long, the cleaning is laborious and time consuming, a large amount of detergent is used, and the carpet fiber is easily damaged. If it is found that there are stains on the carpet, it should be cleaned immediately. Otherwise, it will be difficult to remove for a long time, which may leave a permanent mark on the carpet.
Thoroughly clean the carpet regularly
In order to use the carpet for a long time and beautiful appearance, in addition to vacuuming every day, pay attention to the cleaning work. After the carpet has been used for a long time, the color will become dim. To make the carpet update as usual, the method is very simple. Sprinkle fine salt on the carpet, sweep the fine salt with a clean wet broom, and then remove the household carpet salt and dust carpet with a vacuum cleaner for 10 minutes to be clean and shiny.

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