SHOW 2012 summer new product inspiration, with a variety of materials with a fabric, a full sense of the design of the cutting profile, a rich layer of color combinations, broadcast: broadcast urban women fresh and intellectual qualities, follow the brisk footsteps, accompanied by hot Xia Yang, who has been enjoying flying in a fluttering skirt.

From the warmth of a trip to a small town in northern France, a broadcast was born: sow inspiration for 2012 summer new products, with a variety of fabric materials, a full sense of design cutting, rich color combinations, broadcast: broadcast urban women The fresh, intellectual nature, followed the brisk footsteps, accompanied by hot Xia Yang, in the fluttering skirt was full bloom.

Broadcasting Women's Clothing Summer 2012 New Trends Broadcast Broadcast 2012 Summer Wear

Novel Structure and Fabric Matching Demonstrate Different Trends

Broadcast: Broadcasting new products for the summer of 2012 closely follows the trend of the international trend, and will once again perform a unique interpretation of broadcast: sow quality. Daily items such as silk shirts, flower-weaving dresses, suit jackets, etc. are closely followed by popular silhouettes. In addition to the traditional O-type, the popular rectangular profile, A-shaped profile, box profile are all new in this season. The radiant beauty not only gives the garment a strong style, but also presents a simple and atmospheric fashion charm. In the selection of fabrics, it also shows the characteristics of diversity.

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