Founded in 2002, Zhejiang Beibei Yiyi Garments Co., Ltd. is a modern apparel enterprise specialized in researching, manufacturing and selling "Beibei Yiyi BBYY" children's wear. After six years of rapid development, "Beibeiyiyi BBYY" chain outlets quickly spread throughout the country, adhering to the "new generation of green children's clothing brand," a new development concept, the rapid growth of China's children's wear industry, a shining well-known brands. The company is headquartered in Wenzhou, China clothing city - and Wenzhou as the backing point and footing quickly across the country paved the way. At present, the company set up R & D centers in Shanghai and Guangzhou to capture the swift and popular fashion messages. It has set up marketing subsidiaries in Shandong, Wuhan and Chongqing, perfected and established the main sales network structure of the company. In world famous brands such as Shanghai and Guangdong, OEM brand manufacturing, to create the highest exquisite quality. Resources, policy advantages, mechanism advantages and innovative awareness are always Beibei Yi people's pursuit. The company has won praise and praise from all walks of life through the market strategy of "taking the market as the guideline, employing the talent as the fundamental, taking the product quality as the guarantee and taking the benefit of the customers as the center". "Zhejiang Famous Trademark", Zhejiang Provincial AAA credit enterprise "Shou contract re-credit units," "Wenzhou well-known trademarks," national first-class products, China's best-selling children's clothing brand, China's green apparel, China's economy Top 100 Integrity Enterprises And many other honors, a "Beibei Yiyi" the most powerful brand identity and certification. At the same time, the company also hired a national model worker, Shanghai Municipal People's Congress, Shanghai Top Ten Outstanding Young Persons, Shanghai Yalong Investment Group Chairman Zhang Wenrong as honorary chairman. Beibei Yiyi in the "integrity-based, win-win-win" marketing philosophy to low-risk, high return of the joining policy, convinced that "good children's wear their own words" market rules, which in the industry won a good reputation. Now the marketing network has been radiation throughout the country 25 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions, nearly 100 cities set up more than 400 stores (counters), franklin and marshall, but the franchisee is the geometric progression of leaps and bounds. "Beibei Yiyi" people believe: the spirit of unfulfilled challenges, pioneering and aggressive attitude will be able to make Beibei Yiyi China's children's clothing industry leader and pioneer.

PTFE Fabric Belt is made of PTFE Coated Fabrics. Jiangsu Youngsun New Materials Co.Ltd choose high strength glassfiber yarn and woven into fabrics ourselves. Then coated with special formula PTFE, which ensure the material to have super nonstick surface. What's more, it can resist high temperature up to 360 degrees. We also make these PTFE Coated Fabrics into belts with joints and edge protectors, such as Endless Belt for Hashima and Oshima, Seam Fusing Machine Belt, PTFE Laminated Belt.

PTFE Fabric Belt

PTFE Fabric Belt, Endless Belt, Fusing Belt, Fusing Machine Belt

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