The quilt is one of the main products in the home textile market. There are many kinds of summers, and the patterns are endless. The novel flower design is a highlight of attracting consumers. The winter quilt is more focused on the core material and the workmanship. How should we judge between good and bad? The following is a summary of the characteristics of several common quilts provided by Fanjiao Home Textiles:

Silk quilt

Fanyu Home Textile: Being selected by the core is particular

After the long-term research, the special silky SERJCIN component contained in natural silk has anti-allergic and skin-friendly effects. The long-term use of silk quilts can promote human health. There are five main aspects: One is to promote sleep. The sericin component of silk contains 18 kinds of amino acids, which emit fine molecules called "sleep factor", which can make human nerves in a relatively stable state. Covering the silk can enhance sleep, enhance vitality and slow down aging. Second, it has good cold resistance and constant temperature. Silk has the reputation of “Fiber Queen”, which contains the highest “silk volume gap” in fiber. It can reduce the thermal conductivity when it is cold. The warmth is better than the skin and cotton. When it is hot, it can discharge excess heat and make the internal temperature. Staying comfortable and reducing the stress and stress on your heart and blood vessels during sleep makes you sleep more comfortable, sweet and healthy. The third is the nature of anti-mite, anti-bacterial, anti-allergic and skin-friendly. The sericin component of silk not only makes the skin of the human body more delicate and lustrous, but also has the ability to prevent the growth of aphids and molds, and is more beneficial to allergies. The fourth is to prevent rheumatism, arthritis and skin diseases. Natural silk contains a substance called "hydrophilic side amino acid", which absorbs and removes moisture from the air, keeps it dry and comfortable, and is especially beneficial for rheumatism, arthritis and skin diseases. Fifth, the silk itself has strong strength and strong stretch, and is a warp and weft network structure, which removes the phenomenon of carcass displacement or hole in the tire during use, and can be used for a long time to maintain comfort and fluffiness. True and false silk is identified as a method. True silk has a bright luster, long fiber, does not prolong the burning, and burns the smell of the animal protein of hair or feathers. The burning ash is lightly rubbed into a black powder. False silk does not have a bright luster, the fiber is short, it will burn, and the taste is like coke after burning, and the ash is hard and granular.

Wool quilt

Fanyu Home Textile: Being selected by the core is particular

The French-style home textile wool is mostly used by the sheep's fine fluff, which has good elasticity and is not easy to be knotted. Its material also determines the price is relatively expensive. The good brand of wool is made from high-quality Australian wool from the farm without pesticides. After advanced processing such as screening, dust removal, washing and disinfection, the wool has its own special and thorough removal of the odor, so it It has the advantage that other quilts do not have --- allergy-free, which is especially suitable for the elderly or asthma patients. Pure wool does not have side effects like down quilts or fine quilts, so it is more comfortable to sleep. Maintenance Can not be washed, only suitable for dry cleaning. Drying in the sun for 30 minutes to 1 hour, you can achieve the effect of sterilization, dehumidification, and not exposure.

Goose down

Fanyu Home Textile: Being selected by the core is particular

Van Gogh home textiles goose down duvets: light as a feather, the general white goose down stuffing (that is, not including fabric) is only about 1 to 1.5kg, about one-third of the quilt, wool and silk quilts One of the points. In the same volume, sorted by weight, quilt > wool quilt >> silk quilt > ordinary goose down quilt > white goose down.
Soft as silk cotton, in addition to light, white goose down is soft and soft, does not cause pressure on the human body, so it is especially suitable for people with high blood pressure, heart disease, poor blood circulation, as well as the elderly, pregnant women, children, etc. .
Loose and non-caking, white goose down is more fluffy, more durable, more uniform, very durable, not knotted, not deformed, usually lasting for 20 to 30 years.
To get wet and keep warm, everyone knows that the quilt, especially the thick quilt used in winter, should be exposed to the sun, at least for a while. It is to discharge the body's water vapor and exhaust gas absorbed at night, to ensure the health and hygiene of the body, and has great benefits for skin and body temperature. However, winter in China is often unable to guarantee normal daily drainage due to low temperatures or insufficient sunlight. In addition, it is also a cause for many people not to get wet every day because they are afraid of trouble and do not stack quilts. The "tempering" characteristic of goose down can absorb the exhaust gas and water vapor generated by the human body by capillary action and quickly dissipate into the air, so the goose down is warm, comfortable, dry and has no feeling of pressure. The blood flow is smooth, the blood pressure is normal, the central nervous system is stabilized, and the sweet dream is quickly entered. Healthy and quality sleep is more effective than any top-of-the-line skin care product. "Goose down is beautiful" is precisely because of this. As for warmth, goose down is the undisputed champion. Due to its three-dimensional structure, goose down constitutes a protective layer that can be insulated and insulated by fixed air through different expansions, so the warmth effect is excellent.
In the same volume, sorted by warmth, white goose down is > ordinary goose down > wool is > silk quilt > quilt. An ounce of white goose down can provide about 3 times the warmth of man-made materials.

Fanyu Home Textile: Being selected by the core is particular

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