Core Tip: July 15, 2012, ten years Red Women's Guangdong District 8 shop - CITIC Shenzhen is about to open soon!

Shenzhen is the fashion capital, the opening of 10 years CITIC shop will be added to Shenzhen, a stylish!


July 15, 2012, ten years of red women's clothing store in Shenzhen CITIC will be opened grand! CITIC shop is located opposite the Shenzhen Municipal Committee, adjacent to the new city square and by, is the only way for many urban fashion white-collar workers!

Ten years Red in the "ten years" from the Tang Jia Island "swordsman" in the "ten years of red sword", the brand founder from the founder of the brand to the formal creation of the decade for a full ten years, means perseverance, Efforts to the spirit of China! "Red" is Chinese red, meaning Chinese element, indicating that 10 years of red is to promote China's fashion brand in China!


Ten years of red welcome friends come ten years red shop and company visit guide! Ten years of red team will be under the guidance of the Red Women's values ​​ten years, continuous efforts, always ahead! Also welcome friends to visit the store! (From ten years red women's clothing)

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