Qiu Shikai said that the increase in costs brought about by formal arts licensing is unavoidable, but the resulting profits are also obvious.

Prior to this, Hecheng Sanitary had invited Liu Guosong, a master of modern ink painting, and Fan Zhenjin, a luminary artist from the United States, to paint original art plates. In 2008, Hecheng Sanitary cooperated with the famous glass artist Yang Huiyi to launch the "Chinese Stone" series of products, of which the flush toilets cost more than 50,000 yuan.

In addition to traditional manufacturing, other industries that previously did not seem to be affiliated with the cultural industry are also working with Guo Shaocheng.

For example, in 2011, "Fuchun Mountain Map" was combined, and the "Tianyi Mintai Bank Card" authorized by the Zhejiang Museum and printed "Fuchun Mountain Map (Remaining Mountain Roll)" appeared on the mainland.

A successful case was: In 1997, ABN AMRO Taiwan Branch was authorized to apply Van Gogh's paintings to the ***. Within 3 months, it created a growth rate of 300%, leaving a previously unnamed foreign bank in Taiwan. Fast fame.

Guo Weicheng, author of Van Gogh's artwork, recalled to the journal that his friends only used the Dutch bank’s spending in order to obtain products extended by Dutch bank Van Gogh.

Later Van Gogh became the symbol of the Dutch bank in Asia. The side of the signboard of the ABN AMRO Shanghai organization is the "African Bank", which reads: Van Gogh used to work for a bank.

Before he came into contact with the artistic authorization, Mr. Glass could only make the modified Van Gogh Sunflower (7.980, -0.89, -10.03%) into a glass product. It would appear that it was not as natural as the original.

After obtaining a formal authorization, the "original version of sunflower" has increased its price by 40% and gained market recognition at the time of export.

The authorization of works of art is not an "emerging" industry internationally. On January 9, 2012, the 38th Hong Kong Toys and Games Fair, Hong Kong International Stationery Fair, Baby Products Fair and Hong Kong International Licensing Show were held at the same time in the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Center. The industry has merged with the arts.

“Environment” is not just an industrial park. If there is a process of the rise of the cultural industry, then the “upgrade” of traditional manufacturing industry will not wait.

For the next three to five years whether the sanitary ware industry will experience the "elimination tide" of small and medium-sized enterprises, Qiu Shikai believes that this is an "inevitable problem."

It is predicted that within 3 years from 2011, domestic ceramic sanitary wares production capacity will increase by more than 10%, while the export volume will drop by 12% annually, and the real estate industry will decline by 15% or more due to macro-control. Another survey of industrial bases shows that the overcapacity in China's ceramic flush toilets will reach 60 million. As for the overall situation of the ceramic industry, it cannot be optimistic.

However, in the words of Qiu Shikai, the combination of the cultural industry and the traditional manufacturing industry “will take a little time” because of the “environment”.

For example, whether consumers are willing to pay more money to purchase legally licensed art derivatives.

For example, Liao Zhongming said that the people who can accept such products are relatively niche. Young people who are the main body of home improvement have limited purchasing power on the one hand, and they have yet to increase their recognition of culture and art on the other.

Qiu Shikai said that whether consumers recognize the value of artwork and the degree of respect for intellectual property rights play a decisive role. "These years have greatly improved."

Of course, letting a fake buyer have no place to buy is another way. Entrepreneurs feel that this also requires a better policy environment and government actions.

Liao Zhongming participated in some awards for art glass products as a judge. As a result, he discovered that many players are the products of Mr. Glass. For enterprises, the prospects for such lawsuits are not so optimistic.

Including Guo Yucheng, he said that he had never filed a lawsuit on the infringement. "This kind of small company generally has a registered capital of 100,000 yuan. The lawsuit is big. It's so difficult to close another business. For us, every case of infringement is really unacceptable."

According to industry practice, the total sales value of domestic art auctions in 2011 was calculated to be 9.6866 billion yuan, and the total value of production brought by the Chinese art license was nearly 300 billion yuan.

For traditional manufacturing industries, the output value brought by this "upgrade" is probably an astronomical figure. For example, the current deep processing rate of glass in China is only 30%, while the world average is about 55%, and developed countries can reach 85%. The value-added rate after processing is 2.5 times that of the original film in China and 5 times in the developed countries.

However, these new fulcrums that will enable China's GDP to achieve "quality growth" all require the care of the "environment" - this "environment" is far more than just those industrial parks.

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