In 1949, Hans Stern opened a gem company in Brazil.

In 1951, the then "Nicaragua" president bought a necklace filled with "sea sapphire" for $22,000. The reputation of H. Stern's gemstone jewelry store has since become louder, and this matter has a deeper meaning for the increase in the value of Brazilian “colored gemstones”.

At the company's headquarters, visitors can fully understand everything from raw mining to commercial operations.

The gemstone museum of H.stern is open to visitors and displays exquisite gemstone specimens. The richness of the jade and the topaz collection is even more impressive. In addition, the collection of more than 1,000 tourmaline in the museum is also a gem spectacle.

H. Stern has indeed become a dazzling star in the international jewellery world, embellishing the same flash of life with unparalleled brilliance in all kinds of grand occasions. Martya Harden, who starred in the film Sixth Sense of Life and Death, once wore H. Stern jewels at the Oscar ceremony, and Liv Tyler, who plays the beautiful elf princess in The Lord of the Rings, especially loves H. Stern's diamond earrings. .

In 1995 H.STERN launched the "World" series to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the brand.

Brand management:

In the 1980s, H.stern was the only “complete” company: from prospecting, mining, to rough cutting, gem polishing, gem identification, jewelry design, metalworking, display promotion, wholesale, retail, all the way to the world, all Do not fake the hands of others, but do it yourself.

From the date of H. Stern's establishment, quality control is a very important part. At that time, Kurt Stern once organized an organization to ensure that the company produced quality products. Today, the emphasis on quality has become the tradition of H. Stern. In 1996, the company introduced the “mass total” project to improve production and service. The goal is to “reduce expenditure and streamline internal processes”.


H.stern has printed a variety of brochures, leaflets and Rio maps for tourists. The map shows the location of the H.stern head office and the branch. It is clearly written in multi-national languages: "Please contact the H.stern company attendant at your hotel. They will arrange transportation and take you to visit H. Stern company. If you are coming to visit, you will receive a small gift from us.” There are various sightseeing materials needed for travel in Rio on the back of the map. Even the size conversion tables for clothes and shoes in the US, Europe and Brazil are included. Inside, it can't be said that it is "attentive". H.stern company is good at grasping the resources of tourists, and its sales promotion is the first.

The price of the price, the way of not bargaining, is a pioneering work in Brazil. His gemstone certificate also clearly lists the grade, texture and price of the gem sold.

The sales target is aimed at the general public. Most of the jewelry prices are around US$500-1000.

More than 160 brand stores in 12 countries.

customer service:

H.stern has always been based on the principle of good faith, courteous service, and established a good reputation.

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