Since last year, the prices of Hetian jade, diamonds, jade and other jewellery products have been rising all the time. Many citizens have seen the bright spot and saw another investment highlight after gold. The jade jewelry collection has evolved into mass consumption, and more and more non- Professionals join the collection team.

The data also proves this point. According to the statistics of the Municipal Bureau of Trade, in the first quarter of this year, the retail sales of diamond and jade jewelry in key shopping malls in the city increased by 61.8% year-on-year. At the third Tianyi Jewelry Festival held this year, jewelry sales increased by 30% year-on-year; during the “May 1st” holiday, the sales of Tijue Jewelry Ningbo Store even set a national record.

With the increasing consumption level of the citizens in the gold and jewellery industry, the problem has followed: when buying a piece of jewellery at a high price when traveling, what if it does not know its true and false? The baby that the ancestors uploaded, I want to know who is looking for the goods? Jewelry jade collectors want to buy a baby they like, what should you pay attention to? How can collectors and consumers rationally enter the market and spend reasonably?

With these questions, the reporter went to the Gold Jewelry Testing Center of Ningbo Product Quality Supervision and Inspection Institute, and interviewed Zhou Shuzhen, an international jewelry appraiser, a national registered jewelry appraiser, and a secretary of the Ningbo Gold and Jewelry Association.

Jade jewelry to guard against "fish eye mixed"


When Mr. Liang visited the jewellery fair in a square in Jiangbei, he saw that there were many jade ornaments at the time. The stall owner repeatedly guaranteed that the bracelets were all natural jade, and the listing promised to pay ten, so he bought three jadeites for 1800 yuan. bracelet. After buying home, Mr. Liang always felt that his heart was not practical, and he sent the bracelet to the Gold Jewelry Testing Center of Ningbo Quality Supervision Bureau. After testing, the three bracelets are not natural jade, it is a fake jade that has been artificially glued and colored. At this time, the trade fair was already over, and when the purchase did not ask the seller for an invoice, Mr. Liang wanted to defend his rights.

Ms. Chen, who lives in Yinzhou District, just returned from Southeast Asia a few days ago. She took 3 pieces of exquisite jewellery purchased there, and rushed to the Gold Jewelry Testing Center of the Municipal Quality Inspection Center for identification by technicians. I saw these pieces of jewelry are green and transparent, which looks like high-end jewelry. "It took me more than 10,000 yuan!" said Ms. Chen. However, the identification results made Ms. Chen very upset. The technician told her that there were 3 pieces of jewellery, two pieces made of glass and one piece of stained quartzite.

special reminder

Buying jewelry outside the country must be polished

At the Gold Jewelry Testing Center, many of the items sent by the citizens were bought when they went out to travel, and those who bought them from the market, as well as those passed down by their ancestors, "about 30% of these is fake". Zhou Suzhen explained, "It is a fake, in fact, the result of the appraisal is inconsistent with what the seller said when buying it. There is no fake in this line, only a lie", such as using marble, quartz, glass, etc., posing as Hetian jade, using low-grade Goods like high-end goods, with synthetic imitation of natural, may lead to a price difference, " spend a lot of money to buy more fakes, accidentally picked up less good goods."

Zhou Suzhen said that many people will buy some jewels and jade on the travel line as a commemoration or collection when they travel to other places. "Most of them are deceptive when bought back," Zhou Suzhen is at work. I have encountered many cases:

Previously, a citizen of the city spent more than 100,000 yuan to buy a pair of jade enamels that were about 50 centimeters long. The result was a marble, and the market price was only a few thousand yuan. Similarly, some people have purchased “high quality” diamonds from South Africa, and the result is a heavyweight. In addition, some people bought "natural" emeralds from Singapore, which is actually synthetic.

Experts told reporters that to buy jewellery and jade, consumers must first be wary of "fake the truth", that is, the name of the product is wrong, and the jewelry product logo does not conform to the actual product. Illegal traders usually use a kind of jewellery and jade to impersonate another kind of higher-grade jewellery and jade with similar appearance, or use synthetic jewels and jade to impersonate similar natural jewels and jade to earn illegal profits. Such phenomena are often manifested as garnets called natural rubies, synthetic cubic zirconia impersonation diamonds, synthetic emeralds posing as natural emeralds, synthetic crystals posing as natural crystals, and even the appearance of glass as a natural jewel.

Second, we must be vigilant about "selling by the times", that is, the name of the goods is not accurate. After the manual processing of jewellery and jade, the national standard for jewellery and jade name (GB/T16552) requires the wording "handling" or processing method. Many shoddy jewellery and jade are not marked, the most common is the jadeite that has been bleached and filled (commonly known as B goods) or the jadeite that has been dyed, bleached, and filled (commonly known as B+C). As a natural A-car jade sale, causing consumers to be deceived.

Finally, there is a widespread phenomenon in the jewelry market that the labeling of goods is not standardized. Experts said that the main reason is to use the common name to make a name, such as the jadeite is called Burmese jade, the marble jade is called Afghan jade, and the middle and low-grade jade products such as agate, serpentine jade, marble jade and quartzite jade are generally named. "jade". In addition, precious metal products are often marked as incomplete, such as the correct logo "G18K" or "AU750" including precious metal materials and content is reduced to "18K" or "750".

“If consumers want to buy jewelry when they are outbound, they should do their homework in advance, understand the situation of some international authoritative certification bodies, and pay attention to the authenticity of the certificate when purchasing goods. If you have doubts about the authenticity of the goods or certificates, Don't order easily.” Zhou Suzhen also told reporters a small trick. When some foreign merchants sell fake and shoddy jewelry, the invoice often does not include the name and quality information. Therefore, the more vague the invoice information, the more doubtful it is.

"From the results of our appraisal in recent years, it is very common to buy jewels and artworks from outbound travels. It is also difficult to defend the rights of goods purchased by outbound travel." The Gold Jewelry Testing Center reminds citizens of outbound travel to be cautious in buying high-priced jewellery when traveling overseas.

High-grade diamonds pay attention to "Li Dai Tao Zhuang"


A while ago, Ms. Sun, a citizen, went to Taiwan with a few friends. Under the recommendation of the tour guide, they went to a jewelry store. In the face of tens of thousands of jewels, Ms. Sun and her friends are very cautious, but see the business is like a decent certificate, and the diamond color and clarity level issued on the certificate is compared with the same level of carat diamond in the domestic market. The price is much cheaper and they are heartbroken. Therefore, each person bought a 1 carat diamond ring, each price is about 60,000 yuan. The diamond grading certificate provided by the merchant shows that the color levels of the four diamond rings are D, E, and F, respectively, and the clarity level is VVS1, which is called a high-quality diamond.

After returning to Ningbo, Ms. Sun took the diamond ring and went to the Gold Jewelry Testing Center for identification. The results made them stunned: the color grades of these four diamonds are KL, the clarity grade is SI2, the quality is very poor, and the market price is only two or three. Ten thousand yuan. Ms. Sun noticed that there was a problem with the invoice of the diamond ring. There is no name on it, only one item number.

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