Under the auspices of the Year of Sino-French Culture, Meglaire brought beauty and dream together to this country, which also has a long history and culture - China. Under the nourishment of the oriental culture, beauty is everywhere. Meglal underwear adhering to the European concept of luxury courtesy, popular in the modern style of style, sexy and romantic, version of the emphasis on three-dimensional structure, the application of human design, emphasizing the upper body comfort fit fit effect, shaping the three-dimensional focus on the chest.


The United States Gelai Er underwear positioning of consumer groups between the ages of 18-35, the pursuit of self-life style, emphasizing the body curvilinear beauty of the instinct mentality of fashion women, to blend classic elegance aesthetics and oriental awareness of the classic image of the pursuit of high quality The elite of life and the successful and luxurious women are powerful attractions.

美格莱尔调整型内衣 散发立体性感浪漫情怀

Join conditions:
1, agree with the business philosophy, engaged in underwear industry entrepreneurial spirit and confidence;
2, in the commercial have 15-40 square meters of street shops or large and medium-sized shopping centers counters;
3, Has a certain investment ability, with a certain sense of risk;
4, have a good business reputation and good management skills;
5, ambitious, strong sense of responsibility, to comply with the company's various management rules, legitimate business.
6, Meigelaier company is willing to cooperate sincerely with the vast number of merchants, to join hands in creating brilliant!

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