This exhibition not only brought a concept fashion show that is very appropriate to the “crossing” theme of the show. Its SPA (own brand clothing retailer) model and “fast fashion” business philosophy are also different from most of the participating brands. Extremely hot.

In the cross-cut, highly competitive and "old" clothing industry, there are such a group of special players who, through the buyer's collection of popular information and understanding of consumer needs in the retail market, are following the fastest reaction to fashion; Through efficient product data management operations and information-based supply chain management, they drastically shorten the time from product design to sales shelves, and strive to reduce the number of intermediate links to ensure that consumers are provided with value-for-money fashion apparel and Chinese consumers. Both apparel and apparel practitioners are excited and have gradually become a trend. They are known as the "Fast Fashion" brand and are typically represented by China's Enochy.

Nochi CHIC2012 “Cutting Time” Exhibition Hall

Nocki attends first-day crowds

At the 20th "China International Clothing & Accessories Expo" (CHIC2012) site, the reporter saw Noci. According to reports, this exhibition not only brought a concept fashion show that was very appropriate to the theme of “crossing” the exhibition, but also had the SPA (own brand clothing retailer) model and “fast fashion” business philosophy different from most of the participating brands. The exhibition hall is extremely hot.

What is most worth mentioning is that Norwich Menswear, together with the China Garment Association and the China Fashion Designers Association, sponsored the "First China Youth Fashion Buyers Contest" and also officially announced the start of the show. For a time, the "quick fashion" of Nochi and the core mechanism that supports its operation, the buyer model, has become the focus of attention in the industry.

Norwich "Fast Fashion" led by Buyer Mode

Chairman of China Textile Industry Federation Du Fuzhou, Chairman of China Fashion Association Chen Dapeng and other industry association leaders visited Noach Exhibition

With the rapid development of China's fashion industry in recent years, the concept of the buyer model has quietly entered the Chinese market. Many clothing brands have also begun exploration and practice, and have achieved certain results, but in the promotion process still faces a variety of problem. "On the one hand, China's apparel terminals cover many models including direct marketing, agency, and retail sales, which have resulted in diversification of market terminal behavior. This has become one of the biggest bottlenecks in the development of the buyer model for brands and retailers. On the other hand, the current domestic The shortage of professional buyers and the inability of suppliers to respond quickly to the market, the backwardness of information technology in garment enterprises, and the inadequacy of data analysis capabilities are barriers that are inexorable for Explorers.” On the Hand Forum, there are buyer experts who analyze it.

Nochi's direct management of stores, information supply chain management and "member database" marketing, and product development model centered on buyers, have solved these problems well. “Direct marketing management can ensure that the company obtains real-time sales information and relevant market information for each store in the country,” said Ding Hui, Chairman of Nokie. In addition, Nuoqi canceled the traditional model of futures, all goods to take the cash supply, what the headquarters of the store needs to deliver what, the sales of good models and then timely distribution according to demand, to solve the one-time ordering the risk.

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