On the evening of March 25, 2012, the ceremony of "Jack's 8th China Apparel Brand Annual Awards" was grandly opened at the 21st Century Theater in Beijing. At the evening event, it finally announced the winners of eleven awards for winning the special award of this year's China Apparel Brand Style, Innovation, Potential, Quality, Planning, Marketing, Public, Value, Achievement, Promotion Award and the Chinese Apparel Brand Annual Awards. Raidy Boer, the flagship flagship for international cooperation under Redback, won the "China Fashion Brand Potential Award" for its "high-end, sophisticated, aggressive and tasteful" brand image. The scene, entrepreneurs, celebrities, fashion, entertainment and other celebrities from all walks of life, the news media, the public and other sectors of the public witnessed the Chinese garment industry, this is another brilliant moment! The "Jack of the Eighth China Apparel Brand of the Year Award" continues to uphold the "fair, just and open" review guidelines, according to "business coverage statistics", "consumer surveys" and "industry experts survey" three sets of data, the proposed After the nomination review panel of the "Grand Prize" was reviewed, the nomination jury composed of authoritative experts scrutinized and produced the nomination prize brands of each award; from the award setting, it not only inherited the essence of the previous "Grand Prize" but also shouldered the " Awards "mission of the future change," adjustment and innovation "has always been through advocacy, review and other series of links, and strive to fine-tune sublimation. It is understood that, unlike in previous years, this "Grand Prize" for the first time proposed the concept of "annual brand", that is, the annual award of Chinese clothing brand award-winning brand collectively referred to as the "annual brand" as a leader in the concept of trimming the "grand prize" brand promotion and promotion System, make it more convenient and simple to promote the communication process, and join hands with well-known social media to establish "Oscar" and "Brand of the Year" in the apparel industry. Raidy Boer as the leading international fashion men's brand, do its best to absorb and integrate the core of the world's forefront of fashion information and industry resources, topped the "annual brand" gold list, can be described as "the list of names, at the foot of Road "model of strength. Mr. Liu Changming, chairman of Reddy Pol Fashion Co., Ltd, together with the award-winning company, received the award for "The Potential of Chinese Apparel Brands" to Raidy Boer, a tribute and honor to the brand for its success. "Potential" symbolizes "Infinite Possibilities," and Raidy Boer, in the past years, proved to the market and its audience that its future is going to take off by the three-dimensional integration of high-end international brands and high-quality industrial resources Vast space Since its establishment in 2000, Raidy Boer has a clear brand positioning and aims to provide true international quality enjoyment and continuous introduction of elegant men who pursue quality life such as "political elite, business upstart" in the world. , Integration of international resources into the brand of genes; so far, has formed a "quality, taste, exquisite," the Italian style of elegant products for the apparel industry to create business miracle - 2006, the brand to high-end international men's image and powerful The strength of overseas resources, landing in Florence, Italy "PITTI IMMAGINE UOMO" world's top men's wear, with such as Armani, Hugo Boss, Ermenegildo Zegna, Salvatore Ferragamo, Brooks Brother, kiton, Cerruti 1881 and many other international brands on the same stage to become a global agent Business and professional buyers competing for quality men's brand. In overseas markets, the brand has successively obtained registration approval and terminal sales in more than 30 countries and regions such as China, Italy, the United States, Germany and France. In the Chinese market, the southwest region also serves as the core point to establish a national marketing network. Can be said that Raidy Boer (Raidy Boer) is rarely seen in the field of men, both to firmly occupy the Chinese market, but also open up a vast world in overseas markets, an international brand. But whether the brand's strong overseas terminal sales and high-quality resources are integrated or the rapid expansion of domestic stores in a geometrical fashion, Raidy Boer paves the way for a future "international" development strategy - if To say that Raidy Boer's first decade is to build on its hardware strength by continually upgrading R & D design and product quality, Rajedh Rajeddahl, now and in the coming decade, Has entered a golden age of "soft power" by constantly "shaping and managing brands." This year, the brand invested heavily in human resources, material and financial resources in the event of a relative slowdown in global economic development. CHIC2012 aims to fully open up emerging markets in Asia, represented by the Chinese market. In the future, in China, Raidy Boer will balance the development of a blank area in the northern and southern markets by consolidating the existing base areas in the southwest, south China and east China areas and also opening up the northern areas rapidly and comprehensively Broad prospects; In the Asian region, borrowing the east wind of the Chinese market, accumulating profound knowledge and achievements, and vigorously expanding potential positions such as Southeast Asia, Japan, Korea and Russia. It is reported that Raidy Boer (Raidy Boer) not only in terms of business expansion in a large scale to open up the territories, brand building and public relations also take a quick step. In early 2011, KETCHUM established a strategic partnership with the world's top 10 public relations company KETCHUM. KETCHUM started to help enterprises and brands conduct market research, corporate culture construction, brand strategy formulation, Brand promotion and a series of brand promotion strategy, greatly enhance the brand in the international market reputation and visibility. In the future, this strategic partnership of PR consulting for international brand building will become the normal development of Raidy Boer, which will further promote and enhance the brand in the global men's clothing field, becoming more and more perfect and renowned internationally ! Mr. Liu Changming, Chairman of Radiatopore Fashion & Accessories Co., Ltd. "Leaping and Fluctuating Fashion," Raidy Boer creates a legend with quality and taste, while China's garment industry needs more like Raidy Boer This unlimited potential vitality genes. "There's a name on the list, and there's a way to go." Raidy Boer always adheres to the most authentic international quality experience and unique brand charm to create an unparalleled fashion image for the world's elite men!

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