Editor's note: "Fast or steady, this is a question worth considering." During the entire Spring Festival, Huang Gaowu, Chairman of Zhejiang Yinxin Bird Shoes Co., Ltd. has been thinking about this Hamlet-style problem.

“Fast or stable, this is a question worth considering.” During the entire Spring Festival, Huang Gaowu, Chairman of Zhejiang Yinxin Bird Shoes Co., Ltd. has been thinking about this Hamlet-style problem.

In 2011, China's footwear industry was surging, ups and downs, running tides, closing tides. In the era of turmoil in the footwear industry, Indian birds developed in an extraordinary way and were hailed by the industry as a dark horse in Wenzhou footwear. However, after crossing the "Dragon Gate", Huang Gaowu chose the development of "steady progress." Recently, in the "Industry Summer 2012 new product supplement edition ordering meeting," Huang Gaowu passed "seeking stability" information to agents and distributors.

In fact, in 2012, many shoe companies chose the same “stabilizing” road as the Indian birds, and strive to successfully spend 2012, accumulate strength, and wait for the opportunity to soar. According to Tan Ru, a Chinese shoe brand watchdog, in order to “stabilize”, most shoe companies in Wenzhou have changed their marketing tactics of “fast-pacing” and multi-store sales, and their marketing shows three major trends.

Trend 1: “Micro” Marketing In 2012, consumers entering the fast-food era seem to have a special liking for “micro” things.

In the 2011 Chinese Character Awards, "Wei" dominated with 400,000 votes. The rise of Weibo, Wechat, microfilm, and micro-public welfare proclaimed the arrival of the "micro-era," and the concept of "micro" marketing came into being. "Micro" marketing mainly uses "self-media" as its marketing platform, uses updated "self-media" to disseminate information on companies, brands and products to netizens, establish a good corporate image and product image, and cultivate its own loyal consumer groups. In order to achieve the purpose of marketing. As if Cassie took advantage of Weibo to occupy the commanding heights of the market, the wolf sees “micro” knowledge and accumulates “Bo”. The “micro” marketing of these shoe companies has made the footwear industry enter the realm of “micro-dynamics, wide world”. . It is reported that in 2012, Indiana bird company plans to shoot a "micro" movie about the legendary story of Indochina and will spread it on the Internet.

Trend 2: "Slimming" Marketing In 2011, many shoemakers were rushing to increase sales in order to realize the marketing goals they had set before, and they formulated a multi-reward marketing strategy. As a result, many shoe companies increased their self-operated store profits. The rate is not high, and many shops have become hot potatoes. At the same time, some shoe dealers and agents have also increased their orders in order to pursue rewards. On the surface, shoe sales have increased substantially, but most of the shoes have not been worn at the feet of consumers. In the middle channel. Therefore, many shoe companies have increased their inventories and their stamina is insufficient. Therefore, the realization of product inventory "slimming" and the profitability of the store became the top priority for the 2012 shoe enterprise marketing.

The self-operated stores with uncompromising attention to fine-grained cultivation, precision farming, and loss-making measures must implement “downsizing” marketing in order to realize “zero inventory” of products, “fight off fat, and move lightly” and achieve overall improvement in marketing profits. Huang Gaowu told Tan Ru that in 2012, Innobird will sort out the existing marketing channels to make it healthy and increase its own shoe store when profits are available.

Trend 3: “Online Shopping” Marketing Chairman Huang Gaowu of Indian Birds Company revealed at the 2011 marketing commendation meeting of Innocent recently that “India will build a healthier marketing network, including building a healthy online shop. ."

Undoubtedly, inflation in 2011, rising prices, increased rental costs, and labor costs have caused the traditional sales channels and marketing models of the footwear industry to encounter ceilings, while the online shopping market is in an explosive growth stage. Business will become a wise choice for more traditional shoe companies. Whether or not to do e-commerce is not a problem. The key lies in how to choose what form of e-commerce? At present, shoe companies including Indian birds have already launched e-commerce business.

In fact, it is not uncommon for traditional shoe companies to launch e-commerce before 2012. However, almost all of them are trying to cross the river and try their hand at it. They regard e-commerce as a sales channel that is based on traditional sales. Investing very cautiously. Some shoe companies do not have too much energy to analyze and research e-commerce, but only to engage in an online shop, recruit a few customer service, and then on the goods, sales, delivery.

In 2012, many shoe companies began to increase their investment in online store marketing. E-commerce is considered to be one of the most important platforms for marketing. It will promote the shoe-making enterprise B2C (“business-to-guest” shoes companies to directly sell products to consumers. And service) overall level. Many shoe companies constantly make strategic adjustments based on their own and market conditions, constantly learn from peer-successful methods, and establish e-commerce professional teams in enterprises, trying to improve the operational capabilities of the company's e-commerce.

From department stores to retail and wholesale; from specialty stores to integrated stores; from the marketing of “authorized management, an agency, and multi-level distribution” to “micro” marketing and “online shopping”, the marketing of China's footwear industry follows history. With development and changes, each era has its own trends in each era.

“Sun Tzu’s Art of War and Potential” Cloud: “Seek for the situation, not the people.”

China's shoe industry brand watcher Tan Ru believes that in 2012, China’s economy “has progressed steadily and steadily” has become a general trend. In the process of “stability”, Chinese shoe companies must follow the trend, as long as they grasp the above three major marketing trends. It will surely lead to a brilliant tomorrow.

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