Flower and Bird Painting: Originating from Life Reflecting Life Higher than Life The style is quiet and elegant, rich in ink, simple lines, bold and elegant natural scenery depiction, making the entire picture as diffuse in the bursts of flowers, giving people unlimited space for reverie. The four-screen layout echoes, black and white avoidance, and orderly opening and closing.

China's flower and bird painting is a valuable cultural asset for the people of our country, and it is also a wonderful work in the treasure house of the world art. The colorful ink charm and artistic vitality exhibited by Bo Baby Mall, which was first introduced in China's traditional Chinese painting and painting boutiques, made the eyes of a wide range of collectors alive and bright. Its works are highly academic, moderately priced, have a broad space for development and a steadily rising trend, and are the best choice for new Tibetan collectors.

Hivi yellow, Hivi orange and Hivi red

100% Polyester with TPU & fleece lamination

Waterproof 2000mm

Breathable,windproof,keep Safety 

1. Reflective tape 3M 8906 in the body and sleeve

2. Detachable sleeves design

3M 8906


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