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Ten years Red District 6 shop - Shenzhen Dongmen Tianhong shop

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Polyester Mesh Belt

1. Polyester Mesh Belt Description

Our Polyester Mesh Belt include linear Screen Cloth, Spiral Link Dryer Belt, Polyester Spiral Press Filter Belt,Former Belt, Antistatic Resistance Technical Fabric , Alkali Resistance Filter Belt, Desulfurization filter Belt...

Our Polyester Mesh Conveyot Belt are made of polyester monofilament or PPS yarns with superior quality.

2. Industrial Polyester Mesh Belt Picture Show

Spiral beltAnti-static beltSpiral press filter beltSpiral press beltFGD BeltLinear screen cloth

3. Industrial Polyester Mesh Belt Application

All of the Polyester Mesh Belts widely used for Mining industry, Coal washing, food industry, washing & transport industry, filtration press industry, printing and drying industry, power plant, chemical industry and so on...

Polyester Mesh Belt

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