Hangzhou Fei Yue apparel was established in 2008, located in Hangzhou Shuxiang Road 216, Chu Xin Road on the 1st, the company mainly engaged in the women's industry, from design and development to outsourcing production and processing, channel construction through-train, the company product positioning at 25-35 Aged urban woman. Fashion products, trend, for consumers to create a prominent style, distinctive fashion brand, with a reasonable price for the fashion to provide rich and sophisticated fashion products, from design to technology, from color to the plate, from the details to match , All are "mixed" was elegant, with the trend, to stimulate creativity, show women self-confidence, from the heart of the elegance.


"Intensive cultivation, scientific innovation and win-win development" is the philanthropic philosophy of Phyto-Tech Company. With rapid logistics distribution and perfect customer service and network management analysis system, CN brand has 80 shopping centers in all provincial capital cities Shops, stores star radiation in China, and successfully established a good market in the brand image. Shop single store performance among the best in the mall floor, the overall performance continues to rise!

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Fei Yue is committed to the development of the cause of fashion, and to develop a clear long-term development of the Chinese market goals and strategies to provide excellent and distinctive products and services to customers, to create first-line Shaoshu brand, to become the leader in this area Who become the mainstream with the positioning of the brand!

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