Adjustable underwear use of elastic material will use excess body fat to burn the natural part of the consumption of consumption, and then the principle of fat movement were pressurized, pushed to the breast and buttocks, modified the perfect curve. For those who thin and flat, but also by the principle of fat wandering, the armpit, back, belly fat concentrated in the chest, the thigh, the lateral fat on the lift fixed at the buttocks, to create exquisite Have a body.

创造出玲珑有致的身材 爱丽维娅品牌内衣

Ivy brand underwear is committed to the perfect curve of women's functional underwear product development, shaping the female proud figure. Easily have your perfect curve.

In addition, the choice to wear the right underwear for girls in the developmental period, not only can the growth of the body to make a correct guide to create a beautiful chest, but also to some extent, to protect the normal development of the skeleton and Prevent the bending of the skeleton. The design principle of the brand's underwear science underwear is imported fabric, which effectively adjusts the female's chest, promotes the healthy development and achieves the perfect curve.

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