Founded in 1995, the fashion brand, Colona , is a local brand in Shenzhen with its flagship East lounge, luxury brand design gallery and Dutch Mexx brand. In recent years, based on the fashion, personality and modernity, Colona clothing has been upgraded to a rich artistic color with the colors of "black, white and gray" in the past. It is more in line with international fashion. In the product R & D process, Colona absorbs the essence of the world's fashion culture, constantly innovates and changes, and also wins the recognition and love of many consumers.


Ke Luo Na target consumer groups positioned in the pursuit of quality life 25-35-year-old woman. They are modern metropolitan women who pursue fashion and individuality. Minimalist, fashion and beauty is their pursuit of the state. This group of people do not care about the rotation of the years, but care about the quality of life and the health of mind. Free, multi-faceted, fickleness is their characteristics; advocating self, publicity personality, enjoy life is the main theme of their lives. Colona tailored to these 25-year-old women 35-year-old fashion and leisure and fashion elegant two major themes to meet the needs of women in different occasions dress needs, fashion-conscious women, whether in work, dating, going out or Participate in the ball and so on, can find the most suitable clothes in Colona.

In 2012, Colona made a major adjustment in the style of apparel; and focused the company's development focus on product design, development and quality control. Fashion itself is a fast-paced industry, but the trend itself is short-lived. For seventeen years, Colona upholds the corporate development of strong development, pays attention to the value balance of the "five win-win" model, and forms the corporate culture features of "six good" and "six out" to promote the brand's sustainable development in the market. Currently, Colona in China's major cities are equipped with stores, up to 600 stores, has become one of the famous brand agencies.

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