In the 2012 International Women's Volleyball Grand Prix, the schedule of the World Volleyball Grand Prix will be adjusted due to the four-year London Olympics in 2012. In previous years, the Womens Volleyball Grand Prix held in August ahead of schedule in June to June, which also became the women's volleyball team to London Olympic Games the most important opportunity to warm up. This year's competition a total of 16 teams participating in the Chinese team will be followed by China Mau station, Foshan, China and Luohe station three station race, and as the host directly qualify for the finals in Ningbo. In 2011, the World Women's Volleyball Grand Prix expanded to 16 teams, including China, Brazil, Dominica, Germany, Italy, Japan, Poland, Thailand, the United States, Argentina, Serbia, Cuba, South Korea, Chinese Taipei and other teams, Russia missed the competition. Sixteen teams are divided into four groups, each with four teams for a total of three weeks, for a total of 12 races. Since the establishment of the International Football Federation (IAAF) in 1993, the Chinese women's volleyball team has participated in all 19 competitions and won one championship in 2003. In addition, the Chinese women's volleyball team has won seven top three finals in the past, having worst scores in 1997 and 2004 respectively , Fifth in five of 2006, 2008 and 2009. The 2011 eighth place results refresh the worst record in the history of the Chinese women's volleyball Grand Prix. Beijing time on June 10, 2012 World Women's Grand Prix Macau came to an end, the Chinese women's volleyball team ended the war with 3-1 victory over Thailand beat the championship. After the match, the best individual results were released: Hui Ruoqi, Wei Chiu-yue and Ma Yun-Wen won the most popular players, the best second pass and the best block three awards, the Chinese women's volleyball team has thus become the biggest winner in Macau. Kang-ta brand sponsors the International Women's Volleyball Grand Prix every year since 2006. It can be said that Kang-ta brand has always been a loyal supporter of the Grand Prix. As always, the Chinese women's volleyball team has achieved great success and cheer for girls volleyball team, providing the most healthy support. Over the years Kangkai brand has been sponsoring the marketing strategy around the event, and strive to lay a solid foundation to implement a comprehensive, based on the protection of the courage to innovate in brand marketing with the sponsorship of the brand to enhance brand awareness and expand visibility. Since May 2012, KangTech brand has just sponsored the 2012 Tomorrow Cup badminton competition and continued to sponsor the International Volleyball Grand Prix in June. From the current market performance of the sporting goods industry, KangTech brand bravely stepped up its brand promotion and strengthened Monopoly system construction, and from the terminal based on strengthening management practices, the highest priority. It can be said that it is inseparable from the healthy and benign development strategy put forward by the Kang Ta brand. Every year, the steady growth, whether it is a crisis or a dilemma, can not stop the progress of Kang Ta.

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