Italian fashion brand Marni (Mani) released the new 2012 autumn and winter series of men's accessories.

100% Polyester Coral Fleece Microfiber Towels is Knitted with 100% Polyester Microfiber Yarn. The Advantages for This Cloth is Very Good Softy and Good Feeling to the Surface. The Weight of the Coral Microfiber Cloth is about 350gms-350gsm. Different Sizes and the Colors Can be Dyed. This Coral Fleece is Applied to the Car Cleaning, Home Cleaning and Kitchen Cleaning and So on. Labels of the Microfiber Cloth can be OEM Customized and the Edge Knitting can be High Elastic Edge Sewing or Ordinary Silk Edge Sewing.

100% Polyester Coral Fleece Microfiber Towel

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