AnnaLice (Anna. Alice) for the European classical romantic style, the European 17th and 18th century Baroque and Rococo style as the background, then the essence of Eastern and Western cultures perfect combination. Delicate lace, delicate hand-processing, innovative embroidery patterns, unique style details of the use, and then the modern clothing popular features and people's aesthetic pursuit of combining together to create a unique new product concept, to create a truly A fashionable, romantic, feminine style.

安娜.丽斯女装 演绎蕾丝与绣花的诱惑

安娜.丽斯女装 演绎蕾丝与绣花的诱惑

Style positioning: AnnaLice (Anna. Liszt) pay attention to fine workmanship, with exquisite lace and novel embroidery pattern as the background, pay attention to the integration of fashion and fashion closely, highlighting the elegance of women's gentle and romantic.

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