Fusion of the British elegance and the romantic beauty of Europe and the United States, with the art of cutting the outline of the perfect curve. John Galliano 2011 autumn and winter underwear ad staged staged aesthetic, people really feel that these underwear full of vitality, and performers combined to demonstrate the flexibility of life.

Throughout the history of John Galliano's work, from the early integration of the English-style old-fashioned and romantic late-night opera features design, oblique full of nostalgia cut oblique cut technology, from the wild heavy metal and leather full of punk domineering to fracture Ragged black dress in the catharsis of the post-modern passion, people can always feel the body wearing these clothes is no longer a simple racks, but the flesh-and-blood life of the souls in the highlight.

PTFE Heavy Belt, with special formulated PTFE(Teflon) coating and fine weaved fiberglass fabric, is used as release liners or belts for various flooring applications.

Since PTFE heavy belting can withstand high temperatures, and is non stick, chemical resistant and has strong tensile strength, so PTFE coated conveyor belt or release sheet is used for rubber curing in ovens, walk off mats producing, Luxury vinyl tile manufacturing, PVC backed carpets and so on.

PTFE Heavy Belt Series

PTFE Heavy Belt, PTFE Heavy Conveyor Belt, PTFE Coated Belt

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