After winter, the weather became cooler and many citizens began to dress for pets at home. The reporter found that pet clothing on the market today is more and more refined, whether it is from the quality of work or style, and even some brands of pet clothes sell for more than 300 yuan, comparable to children's clothing.

Pet clothes also pay attention to personalities Yesterday, the reporter learned from the city's many pet shops, all kinds of pet clothing sales began to become popular. In a pet store on Zhongshan South Road, dozens of puppies were hung on the wall, and at first glance it was thought to be children's clothing. Stripe T-shirt with jeans, cotton vest behind the monkeys are printed, the style is very stylish.

"Pet clothing can also be divided into fashion models, leisure models and cute models." The clerk said, "The fashion models have camouflage clothing, windbreaker, and they are very cool and cool to wear. The casual style is like 'sportswear' 'homewear'. Dogs wear at home, comfortable and convenient, and the cute version of the main role-playing, 'bunny', 'Superman', 'Dinosaur clothes' are now very popular.

“Puppies become more lovable when they get dressed.” The public Zhao **, who came to shop with his pet, told reporters that his puppy was called “sister.” He was a Teddy and was three years old this year. There are already many dog ​​clothes, but there are new ones every year. She can't help but take a look. In the store, she selected a sportswear for the “sister”. The well-behaved “sister” seemed to have become accustomed to the owner’s dressing for him and stood steadily on the ground, leaving the owner tossing.

Prices rose but sales did not decrease. "Beginning in November and ending in February next year, it is the peak season for puppy clothes sales." Ms. Pei, a pet store owner, told reporters that the people who buy clothes for puppies are trying to help them Keep warm, like Chihuahua, small deer dogs are not hair, it is easy to fear cold; on the other hand, many owners are to dress up pets, show personality. Dogs that are hairy, such as poodles and Teddy dogs, don’t need to wear clothes for winters, but are more cute after they dress.

When a reporter asked about the price of clothes this year, Ms. Tong said that the price of raw materials rose this year, so pet clothing prices have also increased. Her clothes in the store range from a few tens of yuan to a few hundred yuan. Some of them are purchased from outside the country. The clothes are very delicate in their workmanship, especially the clothes made by hand. The prices are very expensive.

Subsequently, the reporter saw from the Taobao search, “puppy autumn and winter models of clothing” has been placed on popular search terms, up to tens of thousands of products on the web page, of which some brands of pet clothing are sold to more than 300 yuan a Pieces. Many pet store transactions show that in just a week, sales have reached more than a thousand.

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