Jie child underwear to participate in the 2011 best-selling clothing brand concern list themed activities.

"2011 annual best-selling clothing brand concern list themed activities" sponsored by China Beauty Network , clothing investment network co-sponsored, selected by consumers recognized brand, by consumers concerned about the style.

This time the activities of the following two features: 1, simple selection, this event does not charge any fees, attention to the list is not subject to any economic interests and the impact of the original brand awareness; 2, limited time selection, all participating apparel to accept the vote until the end of the voting period 888 hours (37 days), to avoid the first dominance and sorting effects.


Founded in 1997, Guangzhou Jiejie Children Garments Co., Ltd. was founded in 1997. It is a modern enterprise specializing in underwear design, production and marketing.

Jie Jie children with diligent efforts of the team features, but also both the fashion capital of the pursuit of quality of life. "Intellectual • Elegant", is the interpretation of Jie Jie children brand, but also for every woman Meaningful praise.


2011 best-selling clothing brand concern list theme activity URL: http://gz2011.ef43.com.cn/

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