Three or four hundred yuan a price, follow the style of the trend, so that custom down jackets are favored by many ice city people. Since the weather turned cold, the custom-built stores in the down market in Kazakh City have been rapidly lit up, and some orders have been placed at the end of the year.

On the 20th, in a custom-made down apparel store on Anfu Street in Xiangfang District, Harbin, the reporter encountered Ms. Sun, who came to order a down jacket. "I visited a shopping mall, down jacket is too expensive, one must be one or two thousand dollars, cheap kick-off will also be seven or eight hundred, looks not good-looking." Ms. Sun said, ordered a down jacket, let Merchants provide a full range of down, fabrics and handcrafts at prices ranging from $300 to $500 each. ”

The reporter saw that this shop is more than 20 square meters, the shop is full of custom-made down jackets, a main wall down coat picture on the wall, and five down jackets to order the album, two ladies are looking at Atlas, choose the style you like. The shopkeeper introduced that in the past, shopping for a down jacket at a mall cost five or six hundred yuan. No one came to order a down jacket. In the past two years, the prices of down jackets rose sharply, and the custom-made business started to boom.

The reporter visited five tailor-made down apparel shops in the streets of Harbin City. These customized maps are roughly the same, and they were sent to the store by one or several manufacturers. Today, most of the shops that order down jackets serve as links for middlemen in shopping malls. They only earn tens of yuan in “intermediary fees.” Citizens choose their styles and fabrics. Shopkeepers directly place orders with manufacturers. Manufacturers are only responsible for making down jackets. The jacket, and then sent to the store, the owner can in front of customers, on the spot down jacket filled with down and down the customer worried about the down will be the owner of the "goose-pull" concerns.

According to a person in charge of a down apparel custom factory in Harbin City, it is generally required to order a down jacket for a week or so. However, there have been too many orders recently, and it takes half a month to get clothes after the order is placed. Over the past two days, the temperature dropped significantly and orders were particularly large. Their orders had already reached the end of the year, but they could still receive a large number of orders from the custom store.

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