Recently, two well-known men's brand Raidi Boer's two brands Raidy Boer (Ferdinand Boer) and Ferrante (Ferrante) shining bright adjacent to the Sands Macao hotel Mall, marking the international operation with the global Market fashion brand operators in the Asian region opened a new situation. Raidy Boer, the flagship brand of the company, and Ferrante (Ferrante), which has a classic history of half a century in Italy, can be said to have been well-established in the world of high-end internationalization and internationalization R & D design and scientific operation of the strict management, making the two brands have long been successful in developing the global market, sales network covering Italy, Russia, Canada, India, South Africa, Uruguay, more than 30 countries and regions, as the world's successful men, "enjoy life , The pursuit of self "excellent choice. In recent years, in the face of the thriving Asian market represented by China, many international luxury brands have taken the plummet to gain market share quickly. There are notable population bases, powerful purchasing power that have shocked the world, and increasingly high-end quality needs. Raidy Boer Enterprises uphold the "international quality, pilot fashion," the vision, committed to creating a truly international experience for consumers, the first time smelt the vast prospects of China and the entire Asian market - as the world's most affluent Each year, the region attracts millions of people around the world to visit and shop for holidays. The Raidy Boer and Ferrante brands rely on their high-end, elegant and stylish Gorgeous qualities stationed in the tourism and gaming industry world-renowned Macau Special Administrative Region, not only to fill the gaps in sales in economically developed regions in Asia, rational use of their own advantages of resources, but also further consolidate the strategic importance of Greater China, has taken the layout of Asia A solid step in the market. The Raidy Boer (Ferdinand Boer) and Ferrante (Fernand) store in Macau Mallorbok ushered in the image of a groundbreaking comprehensive upgrade that not only demonstrates the brand's inherent Italian noble and elegant, and Enthusiasm into the delicate and delicate oriental aesthetic elements, so that guests instantly enter the store produce stunning visual experience, as if into the private villa gorgeous cloakroom. In the future, Reddy Boer Enterprises will also set up a brand flagship store in Macau to Macau market as a window to integrate the Asian region, and gradually establish a huge fashion empire, the company's different levels of international fashion and aesthetic ideas all over the world corner.

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