To be an elegant woman is the highest level of a woman's life, elegant women have taste, know how to dress, understand the color, and understand the coordination of the soul and appearance. Elegant woman stresses the details, especially on the choice of underwear, she knows what brand, what type of underwear is more suitable for themselves, no matter what occasions, wear out of their own taste, wear sexy, elegant woman.

Exposure to an array of lingerie stores, the face of colorful underwear , it is not difficult to find a underwear by women friends fans brand - Love yarn baby. Love yarn is a baby can snatch the inner world of women's brand, it will be able to fashion elements perfectly blend into every detail of the product, or subtle or wild, or sexy or charming, fulfilling the most beautiful wishes of women.


Love yarn baby adjustable underwear brand belongs to Love yarn Clothing International Group (China) Co., Ltd., the company was established in Hong Kong, is a collection of underwear development, design, production, management, marketing in one of the modern enterprise group, brought together the elite design Division, MD, human beauty experts, super team lineup, in order to ensure the high quality of Love yarn baby underwear laid the foundation. Based on the painstaking research on the characteristics of oriental women and committed to the beautiful cause of "taking care of women's health as their responsibility," Love yarn designs and produces high-quality underwear that suits the oriental characteristics and ergonomics of women. Love yarn baby lingerie modeling trendy, high-grade fabric, fine workmanship, not only to meet the pursuit of a perfect body of women, but also to meet the needs of women nursing breast health. One who has bought Love yarn Baby adjustable underwear Ms. Wang told reporters that in many brands, she first fancy Love Koi baby underwear looks more stylish, did not expect to wear more than a year not only to allow their own body The perfect elegance, but also to her breast hyperplasia and more, which brought her no small shock. In addition, Love yarn underwear both the price or style, are dare and the international big underwear comparable, but the price is only one-third of the big underwear, choose Love yarn never regret, Love yarn became her most admired underwear brand.

It is understood that all through the love yarn baby adjusting underwear women, all feel Love yarn baby underwear beautiful appearance, soft and comfortable fabrics, super Slim effect and excellent health care functions. According to love yarn sales staff, love yarn baby adjustable underwear using magnetic therapy, infrared, super memory alloy ring, bamboo charcoal fiber, these high-tech products form a concerted effort to carry out multiple maintenance of the breast, so that urban women in full enjoy love yarn Baby bring them healthy at the same time, also brought elegant and sexy.

At present, Love yarn apparel in Foshan, Shantou has a professional manufacturing base, Machinable production underwear (bras, underwear), body underwear (plastic pants, plastic clothes, girdle, etc.), fashion underwear And other three categories of underwear products, more than 2,000 employees, the annual production capacity of 3 million, with 13 provincial-level distributors, municipal distributors 19, outstanding body instructors more than 800. Love yarn baby products have been rated as "China's underwear industry's top ten brands," August 2011 Love yarn GetFit Taobao official flagship store officially launched, so love the brand of women Love yarn at home can buy good quality , Cost-effective, stylish and comfortable Love yarn series of underwear products.

Constantly improve the internal operation process, quality control processes, business processes and service processes, Love yarn continue to create a remarkable performance, all the way in the underwear industry leader, all the way singing.

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